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– SOLD – “The Angel Opens Her Eyes” – 120cm x 100cm – Mixed Media


“The Angel Opens Her Eyes.”
120cm x 100cm
Mixed media. Charcoal, Acrylic paint & pastel.
I’ve been debating whether I should post the true happenings behind this painting as it’s not my normal style, and it’s a little bit of a different situation. If I can put it like that.
I started this painting with the intention of it being quite glamorous. It was meant to be of a beautiful, elegant lady sitting on stairs in Paris. I was even going to call it “Lost in Paris.”
I was painting it and really enjoying how it was coming along. I had a plan in mind to do black squiggles in marker like I did on the ballerina painting I did. It was all on track.
And then the next minute, I just took my brush and painted over her face. I literally gasped out loud in shock. I thought to myself, “What on earth have you done, Natalie?” And immediately the song Lightning Crashes by Live starts playing in my head. The part that goes, “The angel opens her eyes.”
I thought, “Oh no, let me repaint her face. This feels a little creepy.” But my daughter walked in and said she liked it, and it was soft. I took it to my hubby and asked if he thought it looked weird, and in all honesty, I asked him if it looked creepy or depressing. He immediately said “No not at all. It’s peaceful!”
And just then I realised that I needed to paint this painting like this. I don’t know who this painting is for, but I just feel like I needed to paint it, and I needed to tell the story behind it.
This angel is at peace.

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